Zoya | Naked Manicure System w/ a Twist

Happy Labour Day friends… to those who are in mourning because it’s the last day of summer vacation, I am sorry!  If you are like me, and enjoying the fact that the kids go back tomorrow and life can return to it’s normally scheduled routine, let’s rejoice together!

It was hot as all get-out here this weekend and I don’t do heat (or cold for that matter) so I opted to spend the weekend swatching polishes for upcoming videos and Instagram posts.  After doing that though, I felt like I needed a palette cleanser so pulled out my new Zoya Naked Manicure polishes and went to town.

If you haven’t already heard, Zoya created a line of polishes that are meant to create the ‘perfect’ looking natural nail.  I picked up the Women’s Nail Perfecting Kit along with the Lavender Perfector and the Buff Perfector from Nail Polish Canada last week when they finally released in Canada (anyone else struggling with the exchange rate these days?).


To create the ‘Naked Manicure’ it actually takes quite a few layers of polish and a bit of patience.  Start with one coat of the Naked Base and once that is dry, add a coat of the Lavender Perfector to help neutralize any staining that may be on your nails.  Once dry, use two coats of the Pink Perfector (which was perfect for my pale skin tone but there are a bunch of options so make sure you pick the one best for you).  Using the Tip Perfector, carefully paint over the natural white tips of your nails creating a smooth, bright nail line.  At this point, you can either seal it all in with the Satin Seal or the Glossy Seal top coat OR… you can get all glam and add a holo top coat like I did.  I used one coat of Holo All The Things by Nine Zero Lacquer and VOILA… a perfect natural manicure!

This manicure was a little outside my norm but I really enjoyed it and thought it made my nails look longer and healthier.  I would definitely wear it again and be more proud of showing of my naked nails!

Zoya polishes can be purchased online through their website or at Nail Polish Canada for $11.75 per bottle.  Holo All The Things by Nine Zero Lacquer is available online for $8 per bottle.


Nine Zero Lacquer | Holo All The Things Top Coat

Happy Thursday… almost the end of the week AND it’s a LOOOOONG weekend so who isn’t dancing in their seats right now?

Press Sample

Today I have a killer polish to show you, actually, it’s a top coat and it’s from a brand new indie brand, and one of my really good friends, Jess (JessFACE90).

If you have been following me for any length of time, whether it’s here, on Instagram or over on YouTube, you know that my favourite type of polish of 2015 is holographic.

Holo All The Things by Nine Zero Lacquer is a holographic top coat that adds the perfect layer of holographic magic to any manicure.

Can you believe that this is just ONE COAT over Breaking Blues by KBShimmer (review coming soon)?  I know, I about died too!

Holo All The Things is labelled as a top coat but it’s still best to layer a nice glossy top coat over it to give it the ultimate shine as some holo polishes can dry a little dull.

Press Sample

Nine Zero Lacquer is available online through their website and Holo All The Things is $8 per bottle.  There is a pre-order for the Harvest Festival collection as well as the collection of top and base coats starting tomorrow, September 4th, at 11 am EST.


Girly Bits | From Far and Wide (a Harlow & Co exclusive)

Happy Tuesday… so apparently the whole blogging more often concept still hasn’t officially sunk in but hey, I’m working on it!

Today I have a killer polish to show off… it was purchased during a weak moment when I felt I needed more Girly Bits Cosmetics polishes in my life.  Being Canadian, I loooooove supporting my fellow countryman and with Girly Bits being a Canadian indie, it’s almost a no brainer that these need to all be mine!

From Far and Wide by Girly Bits Cosmetics is a polish that is exclusive to Harlow & Co, another all Canadian gal, and is an icy blue holographic polish with shades of iridescent flakies.  I do most of my picture taking under daylight bulbs so those flakies are hiding but I promise, they are super gorgeous IRL!  I was able to get this baby opaque in just two coats and added a glossy topcoat to give it some extra shine.

Does anyone else feel the need to buy all of the ‘exclusive’ polishes?  Just me?

Girly Bits Cosmetics polishes are available online through their store or at Harlow & Co for $13 per bottle.


LVX | Camo

The weather has taken a turn for the “fall” this week and I am over the moon happy!  Windows open, sweatshirts on and hot cocoa in my belly… bring on all the fall things!

 To celebrate the pretend turn of the seasons, I thought a fall polish would be appropriate so pulled out my new LVX polish in Camo.  I picked this up because I lusted after it when I saw Jess (JessFACE90) so a live swatch of it and knew it would be mine.

 Camo by LVX is a very dusty army green with a lot of brown tone to it.  There is also a brilliant copper shimmer that shows up in all sorts of lighting… no peek-a-boo here.

Now, this polish was a little sheer on the first coat and I ended up doing three to make sure the nail line was completely covered but I think you could get away with two, if you aren’t too picky.  The shimmer is very intense and I looooove it!  I need all the shimmer in my life.

LVX polish is available online through their website or at Live Love Polish for $16 per bottle.


NAIL MAIL… who doesn’t love getting pretties in the mailbox?

Lookie Lookie what arrived in my mail box today!  After browsing Jen’s (The PolishAholic) blog during Talking Dead on Sunday, I realized I was lacking some Girly Bits Cosmetics nail polishes so headed over to Harlow & Co for some late-night shopping!
No, it’s not swatches but who doesn’t love the tease of a little nail mail?  The swatches will be coming later so these babies will not wait long before they grace my nails!
Polishes Shown:
Mystify by Glam Polish
Accidental PPV by Girly Bits Cosmetics
Through the Looking Glass by Girly Bits Cosmetics
From Far and Wide by Girly Bits Cosmetics (a Harlow & Co exclusive)
So that’s it… just a teaser but hey, it’s better than no post at all, right?!

WARNING: Mentality Nail Polish

It has been a hot minute since I last blogged and I hope to change that soon because I have a lot of fun polish to share with you and thanks to my good friend Kat, I have hooked my blog up to Instagram for easy picture uploading!  So, things should be more frequent in the very near future.

However, today I thought it was important to step back into the blogging light and warn my readers about the issues surrounding the indie brand Mentality Nail Polish.


Now, before I begin, I want to say that I have never used Mentality Nail Polish so everything I have heard is second or third hand knowledge.  That said, the pictures really do tell the story and the brand has come out to say they were aware of the issues the base of their polish was causing.

Between April and June of 2015, Mentality Nail Polish was selling their neon nail polishes using the Arminex base which apparently contains citric acid and this base was causing, what the company calls, “sensitivities” to some peoples nails.  The pictures I am about to insert are just a few of the ones available online and show, what I believe to be, most than a simple sensitivity.

Mentality Nail Polish Damage 3 Mentality Nail Polish Damage 7 Screen-Shot-2015-08-22-at-12.14.49-PM

Individuals have reported burning, tingling and lifting of their nails after using the Mentality Nail Polishes in both manicures and pedicures.

Sure… shit happens and bad batches of polishes exist.  We do not live in a perfect world and while the indie polish world can be full of harsh criticism, it is also full of amazing individuals who are willing to forgive and forget.  How Mentality Nail Polish handled the issue is what has the polish world in an uproar and why many consumers, both blogger and non, are stepping away from the brand for good.

As I mentioned, a lot of my information came second or third hand so I am linking two blog posts, of the many available, for you to read over and see the full story.

The Mercurial Magpie

Ashley is Polish Addicted

While I don’t condone the harassment of brands and am never one to jump on a ‘boycott train’, this is one that I feel justified in stepping aboard and one that I don’t think I will ever be swayed away from.  I have the utmost respect for those that choose to make polishes and challenge the mainstream world but to me, customer service is number one and if you don’t take care of those that support you, you may have picked the wrong industry to be a part of.

I wish the creators of Mentality Nail Polish the best and hope they are able to make the many wrongs right but it seems they have a long road ahead.

As of right now, Mentality Nail Polish will not be issuing any more refunds or remakes on the affected polishes but please contact them (email info@mentalitynailpolish.com) if you are in any way concerned that you may have received a bottle that could cause this “sensitivity” in your nails.  If you purchased through PayPal within the last 180 days, you can also file a refund claim through them.


OPI | Pedal Faster Suzi

Happy Thursday!  It’s my BIRTHDAY today… yep, the big 3-7… I know, I am older then the average nail polish lovin’ bear but age is just a number and I loooooove being the girly girl in the family!  Painting my nails is such a fun, relaxing end to my day that I don’t think I will ever give it up!

Today I have an older (ironic) OPI polish from the Holland collection which was released in 2012.


Pedal Faster Suzi by OPI is a soft baby pink creme polish with a stunning silver/iridescent shimmer.  If you know me at all, pink PLUS shimmer… YES PLEASE!

pedalfastersuzi2 pedalfastersuzi3

The formula on this polish was really nice but did have a slightly thicker feel to it because of the amount of shimmer.  I am totally willing to work with this because the shimmer is outstanding!  It glows on the nail, it visible in both natural and direct light and just looks fantastic in the creamy pink base.  I was able to get the polish opaque in three coats and even though the formula is thicker, the application was still fairly easy.

If you have ever been wondering, Suzi, who appears in all of the seasonal collections from OPI, is the creator of the brand!!  I always wondered so hopefully now you know!

OPI polishes are available at most professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply, for $9 per bottle.